Image of the Original Building
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1st Flag of The Republic of Texas
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3rd Flag of The Republic of Texas
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Image of the Present Building

Welcome to the home page of This is a non-profit association of friends who wish to share their hometown pictures with those who have moved away or can not visit the Columbia Historical Museum in West Columbia, Texas.  Enjoy.

Links to some old Personal Photos sent in for display:

Donna Ruth (Chesney) Loggins Family Photo Page

Patricia (Harper) Patterson Family Photo Page

Tissie (Chesney) Schwebel Personal Photo Page

roenwald.jpg - 2631965 Bytes
Above is the old (renewed) Rosenwald School
(Photo taken after being moved from East Columbia Texas to West Columbia Texas )

Below are Three Photos taken December 2007 of the Old Cistern at the First Capital Site.
(Site of New Memorial Park in West Columbia, Texas)

Park Development

The park is a 35 foot by 337 foot strip adjacent to Highway 35
in the heart of downtown West Columbia.
The land was donated by a developer who purchased the property from the Weems family.
A Walgreen's Pharmacy has been completed and is open.
The historical stations are completed

A NEW WIDER HWY 35 through downtown out FM 1301 then left to San Bernard River Bridge (East & West).
(Old Hwy 35 to left downtown is now Business 35 to Frank Harris Ranch home)

Have a NEW CVS building at Hwy 35 Business & Hwy 36
(old Granny's Resturant corner)

New Walgreens.
(Downtown whole Block {less above Memorial park} where old Western Auto to S S Weems Store)

New Jack in the Box
(Old Phillips Service Station corner Hwy 35 Buiness & Hwy 36)

Also Coming is a NEW WIDER HWY 36 (North & South)

High School & General Information

Tissie (Chesney) Schwebel (Sponsor of this Site)
Contact Tissie by email at
For information on this site, and to have your Pictures installed on the site.

High School ClassMates (Self Created Database of Information by/of ClassMates)
* Feel Free to Input YOUR Information & Photos into the Database.

Columbia-Brazoria School System Today ( Great Views of the School and their Information )

The Brazoria Heritage Foundation ( Something to see )

City Information

City of West Columbia, Texas (City of West Columbia, Texas Web Site )

Brazoria County News (Local City News Paper )

News and Information ( Topix Site for West Columbia, Texas)

City Data Site (City Data Site of West Columbia, Texas )

Wikipedia ( The Free Encyclopedia of West Columbia, Texas Information )

Home Town Locator ( General Information Etc. )

Road Side America ( Hotel, Motels & Other Information for West Columbia, Texas )

West Columbia Community Profile (Community Profile & General Information on West Columbia, Texas )

Brazoria County

100 Years of History by clicking Photo

Brazoria County (Brazoria County Texas Web Site )

The Brazoria County Historical Museum (Located in Angleton, Texas )

The Bulletin ( Angleton Local News Paper )

The Brazosport Facts ( News Paper Serving Brazoria County )

State of Texas

Statehood in 1845
Los Adaes1721Colonial capital; now part of Louisiana
San Antonio de Bexar1772Colonial capital; now San Antonio
Saltillo1824Coahuila y Tejas capitals
Washington1836Republic of Texas capital; now Washington-on-the-Brazos
Galveston1836Temporary Republic of Texas capitals
Houston1837Republic of Texas capital
Austin1839Republic of Texas capital; named Waterloo until 1839
1845State capital

Before joining the United States in 1845, West Columbia (Known as Columbia) was the first Capitol of the country of Texas. Six cities served as its capital:

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